Blocked trail route to the summit is soon to get started

09 May, 2021 Himalaya Land Treks

The world’s highest summit Mount Everest, in Nepal is one of the major sources to raise the country’s economy. A long time of pandemic stopped all the borders and Nepal whose economy lies on tourism went on decreasing in the economy. The tourism industry faced the greatest loss of the era. But days aren’t the same always, time keeps on changing. Many enthusiastic trekkers made their journey towards Nepal to conquer their destination of climbing Everest.

Reaching on the top of the world’s highest mountain is the dream of every nature lover. But climbing the Everest summit is not a one-hand play. It requires a lot of courage, determination and enthusiasm. Grabbing all these essentials within their own self, a lot of trekkers took permits to reach their destination, “The world’s highest altitude”. For the first time, the Nepal government has issued the highest number of permits to proceed for the summit climb. In this season 394 permits have been issued by Nepal's government to climb Everest Submit and for Everest base camp trek.

There are six camps on the route to the summit. Climbers will be pushed towards the final summit from the sixth camp. Due to unfavorable weather, the trail route to Everest was blocked. This stopped further trekking of the summit climbers for 10 days.

And the next reason to stop the trekking way to the summit was an increasing rate of Covid-19 symptoms. The summit climb stopped after climbers in various camps of Everest summit started to show symptoms of coronavirus. Those who are falling ill are brought to lower camps and then are kept in an isolation. As there is no provision of instrumentation in virus detection, the procedure of identification took a long time.

Finally, after 10 long days, the summit trek started and on Friday the summit trek went successfully on the top. This good news became possible only because of the strong construction team who worked with their full effort in the cold to clear the way, remove the block and make it easier for climbers to reach the summit. This valiant team reached the fourth camp on Wednesday, which lies at an altitude of 7,906 m. As soon as the way from the fourth camp got clear, trekkers started to proceed towards the summit. I wish good luck to all the trekkers out there and to complete their journey safely.

Kudos to all these brave people for their hard work in clearing the way, and also to all the mountaineers for their patience. This time a new record is again carved on the Everest summit by our honorable Kami Rita Sherpa. He set the world record by climbing the world’s highest summit for the 25th time. This is the highest record of climbing Mount Everest in the world.

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