COVID-19 Update in Nepal vs Tourism of Nepal

25 Apr, 2021 Himalaya Land Treks

An outburst of pandemic played a long race in demolishing the world economy leaving behind a few sectors. One of the over drowned industry due to COVID-19 is tourism. Those countries whose maximum economy comes from tourism has faced high loss in the gross economy of the Nation. For a developing nation like Nepal, the country itself has been pushed years back in the context of development.

Behind the economy, people all around the world are trapped inside an atmosphere of pandemic giving rise to frustration. The antidote to exhaustion is always nature and here we provide an update about the current situation in Nepal to turn this exhaustion soon into happiness.


Availability of vaccine has lowered the fear of COVID-19 in between people. In Nepal, the process of vaccination is ongoing and the vaccine is reaching normal people also. Although firstly the vaccine was available to the front door workers and medical personals, now it has been exposed to normal people too.

The motive of vaccination is focused on decreasing the death rate and easy recovery even if infected. So, it is not likely that vaccination doesn’t cause infection. With a reduction in risk due to COVID-19 after vaccination, the world can make a faster comeback from the fear of Corona Virus. Henceforth, making a living as we lived before with social integrity and togetherness.

COVID-19 Update in Nepal 

COVID threw a huge effect on the economy of Nepal. As the major economy of Nepal was dependent upon tourism due to the majestic natural beauty, the economic backbone of the nation shrank. Many became jobless, other sectors were similarly affected. Here the threat hit more than the effect.

Despite being a developing nation with a high threat of COVID-19 all around the world during the first wave Nepal successfully minimized the risk. It has just kept its step towards returning the normal life and soon will come back with more energy to welcome the world with its natural essence.

Nepal after the second phase of the vaccination

With the availability of the vaccine, the risk and fear that wasn’t letting travelers make their travel plan is reduced. Though the process of staying Quarantine during travelling and PCR test will remain intact.

A piece of good news to people wanting to travel Nepal with a ray of hope has arrived. We would like to announce that, “All the people associated with the tourism industry are vaccinated with the second dose of vaccination.” As stated that 2 doses of vaccine should be given to obtaining a better recovery and resistance to the virus.

With the second dose of vaccination, positive vibes have started to grow inside the mentality of the citizens. Slowly and the vaccine will reach every human which works on reducing the risk and fear due to COVID-19.

After the provision of both doses of vaccine to all the citizen here, the further risk that arrives due to Corona Virus waves will be controlled easily. And to all the travellers planning to travel to Nepal, we appeal our humble request to get vaccinated make a safe trip. Along with the provision of both the doses of vaccine, slowly the borders and international flights will start to operate will all the safety precaution till the risk is completely not out of the zone.

With some positivity, a few prosperity and a lot of love and prayers whole Nepal is waiting for the situation to overcome and welcome the travellers. Soon it will be safe to travel to Nepal with very little risk.

The current situation in Nepal

Currently, the second wave of UK mutated variant is broken throughout the world so as in Nepal. It has been some time of exposer of the second wave, will all the safety precaution and vaccine provision it will soon be recovered. On the other hand, vaccination is reaching slowly to all the citizens here. And this is a good sign of coming out of the risk zone and defeating the virus sooner.


It is positive news for all the people all around the world. Let us all hope for the situation to come up from the pandemic and live a normal life. To all the travellers it is a moment of happiness that after vaccination and minimization in the number of second-wave infection, everything will come back in its phase. Nature here announces to keep patience for a few more time so the current panorama will come into a positive form and yeah the race between COVID-19 and tourism will end sooner.

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