Kami Rita Sherpa- conquered Everest for 25th times

11 May, 2021 Himalaya Land Treks

The Himalaya hero, beyond any fantasies and animations, came up with a brand new record of summiting the world’s highest peak for not one, two or three times. It is a first-ever record for conquering the top of Everest 25 times. Walking through the highly strenuous and tremendous, snowy, rocky path needs a lot of courage and determination. And equally, patience must be within oneself.

Crossing all the hardship and reaching the top of the world is not a simple thing. Many climbers have lost their lives on the way to the summit. The dead bodies seen through the way to Mount Everest explains how difficult it is to take oneself to the top of the world. 

Only a few people in the world have such courage to follow the path of difficulty. And among that few here is the most courageous one, the “King of Himalaya” Kami Rita Sherpa who successfully scaled the top of the world 25 times. He has been holding the world record for climbing Everest for the highest time since 2018, and he broke his record by scaling the summit 25 times recently on May 7, 2021.

Life history of Kami Rita Sherpa

Kami Rita Sherpa is a Sherpa guide in the Himalayas. He was born in 1970 in the rural village of Solukhumbu. Living a life of poverty in the upper Himalayas of Nepal he started to find out the way of making life by being a porter. Starting as a porter and letting the trekkers reach up to their destinations. Working as a porter from the age of 12 he made his first summit climb at the age of 24.

Today looking back to his journey, the path he walked as a porter was training him to be more courageous, more strengthful and the best version of himself. The hardest route brought out his bravery by removing all the fear that always keeps a human backward in their life.

 Training himself day by day and growing stronger he started growing with the flow of mountains, he trained himself to get over with snowstorms. Now he lives with his wife and two children in Kathmandu.

Kami Rita’s view in mountaineering

 He has earned a lot in his strength. The semi-conscious government has no consent with the bravery of such a strong superhero who keeps their life in the most dangerous situation just to guide and make the route easier to other climbers. Here he shows his grief over this thing.

Mountaineering is a very dangerous job. Frequently changing weather, snowstorms, avalanches occurring in the mountain can take their life at any time. In previous time there was not any alternative to create a source of income other than mountaineering. 

He said that many Sherpas take this dangerous thing as a profession. He expects the country to give some focus to these brave heroes. He also said he wanted to celebrate a silver jubilee in summiting the highest peak and he made it possible at an age of 51.

Lesson to be learnt

The story of Kami Rita Sherpa teaches humans the most important lesson for life. Some of his influences to all the people out there are:   

  • The hardest path you walk, the most happiness, peace and success you gain. 

  • You must keep within your mind that fear is just an illusion, you must try to overcome it with your strength. 

  • Make an ambition and work your hardest for it.

  • Nothing can stop you if you are moving with strong determination.


Choosing a hardcore route at an age when other leaves for relaxation, honourable Kami Rita proved to the world that age is just a number. Bravery flows in the blood when fear leaves you through the breath. Our huge respect for this heroic character. Kami Rita Sherpa is a live hero of bravery. 

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