LGBTQ Pride Month 2021

10 Jun, 2021 Himalaya Land Treks

Hey June! Bring some rainbows, its LGBTIQ+ pride month of 2021.

Hey, it’s June! And a warm welcome to pride month. Why is the pride month for, you might be wondering? So, here’s an answer, it’s an LGBTiQ+ pride month. LGBTIQ+ abbreviates such as, ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Q states as Questioning or queer. This is a month to celebrate all the colours of gender with equal love and respect. It was the former president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama who declared this month of June to be celebrated as pride month.

What is Gender?

Let’s make some discussion on gender here. Gender is something very different from what we are taught since childhood through the grammatical aspect. As like, he, she and it. The grammar we speak does not carry space for anyone except “him” and “her”. And left out “It” was meant to denote things. So, where we suppose to fit anyone other than “He” and “she”. Here comes a huge question mark, on the conciseness and existence of the human.  Gender is a dimension and it holds its dimension in a different direction. The two-dimensional state of male and female is not the only gender that exists. Have, a look at the colourful rainbow. Did you ever wonder what do those colours represent? The diverged colours from the rainbow represented the colours of Gender. Gender is the character you vow. The way you express the inner emotional dimension of yourself is what gender states.


LGBTIQ+ shows the identity of a person regarding a person’s sexual, and emotional attraction to other people “Lesbian” means, a female who is attracted to other females. A Lesbian is a Homosexual woman. “Gay” means a homosexual person who gets attracted to people of the same gender. “Bisexual” means a person who gets attracted to people of more than one gender. “Transgender” means a person who has a gender identity or gender expression that differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. Intersex termed as the situation where there is neither a male anatomy nor female anatomy. The last letter Q is represented as “questioning” or “queer”. Q is abbreviated as questioning as it is still in the process of exploring. Queer is described as a sexual and gender identities other than straight and cisgender. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people may all identify with the word queer. 

LGBTIQ+ rights

LGBTIQ+ rights vary from country to country. This LGBTIQ+ right came after a long struggle of LGBTIQ+ people. This male and female made society never used to let a person express their identity. LGBTIQ+ rights is a huge success in itself. Started from one corner of the world slowly the LGBTIQ+ voice reached the global world. Slowly people started to show their true identity and things are slowly getting accepted. Same-sex marriage can be procced legally. The government has implemented laws on behalf of LGBTIQ+ in many countries.

LGBTIQ+ rights in Nepal

The Government of Nepal has listed the LGBTIQ+ group as a “third gender” in 2007. Nepal has shown its greatest progress regarding LGBTIQ+ rights among Asian countries. Nepal is the first country in the world to count gender other than male and female. Nepal's 2011 census was the first national census in the world to allow people to register as a gender other than male or female.

How is LGBTIQ+ pride month celebrated?

LGBTIQ+ pride month is celebrated by conducting parades and marches, rallies, commemorations, community days, dance parties, and festivals. All the LGBTIQ+ people from each community meet at different places as per their ease, with colours they flaunt the city with their colourful rainbow flag. 

This time due to the COVID-19 pandemic the pride month is celebrated by having a virtual conversation and making talks about LGBTIQ+ rights, gender equality, socialization of LGBTIQ+ people, and the contribution of government to their existence. A lot of non-LGBTIQ+ people also supported the LGBTIQ+ pride month by raising their voice for equal respect for all the LGBTIQ+ people.  

This pride month has given a ray of hope to a lot of LGBTIQ+ people. Also, it has added a lot of confidence to them as celebrating such events have helped to change the view of other people about LGBTIQ+.

Along with this progress, the rate of bullying LGBTIQ+ has reduced to some extent. Proper knowledge is required by every human to love, respect and understand the LGBTIQ+ people. Famous transgender model Anjali Lama, the first, third gender advocate Bhumika Shrestha, the first openly gay legislature Sunil Babu Panta, are the initiator of the journey to create space for other LGBTIQ+ people and their rights. Many other LGBTIQ+ people have broken down the societal limits and conquered the world.  The colours of a rainbow are equally beautiful, and so as the gender. There’s nothing like out of the world. Gender is nature in itself. It’s each of our responsibility to respect, love and empower each other without any discrimination. A garden shows its beauty on varieties of flowers blooming together. We human are like a garden and the variation of gender-based identity, blooming with different colours, adds more beauty.  Feel pride! Add more beauty! Enjoy the prideful month, year, life and yeah humanity!

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