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04 Jul, 2020 Himalaya Land Treks

Dear all, we all are running through lots of doubt to travel in Nepal post pandemics and we shall be addressing all of your queries and concerns via this blog.

We are in the fourth month of homestay and still, the government officially prioritizes extending ongoing lockdown with lots of prevention and safety measures. Literally, the Nepalese government came up with lots of advanced kits facing these pandemics. Around 15000 corona cases were reported over here and among around 6000 of them got well recovered. Though we are running off this situation, most of the governmental organizations came up with activities supporting the government by following safety measures and precautions allocated by WHO and government.

Also informing the fact that the ministry of culture, tourism, and civil aviation had stopped the domestic and international flights till 5th July 2020. And glad to share, the VISA services got resumed. Any official information regarding aviation and flights if got published, we will surely make you known. There are lots of decisions made and yet to be discussed regarding the plans and policies about the traveling and tourism sector and till the date, the response sounds positive. Hopefully, We will soon be welcoming international guests just to refresh them, enjoying the Himalayas, base camps, natural scenarios, and beauties.

This is Himalaya Land Treks sharing some of the probable questions stuck at our mind with reliable solutions.

  • Shall we start thinking about the next trip?

Positively, you should be thinking about your next trip to Nepal. We will leave no stone unturned to make you entertain and joyful trip.

  • Will you be refunding my trip if I choose to abort it?

This is the queries to put an eye on; indeed! That’s your decision either to continue with the trip or you hold or abort it, you will be refunded but with certain cancelation charge.

  • What if, I post pond my plan?

Right away, this sounds good enough in the present scenario. Post ponding your trip is what you can easily do through email, or contact or any social site and you will not be charged any amount for this. But if you already booked hotels or like, it's our obligation to make you fine some charges as per your agreement

  • Incase if we got quarantined by the local government of the place we are traveling to? Who will cover the cost of this?

Initially, you should be with your PCR report negative result paper from your own land so that we can make local government and people believe in it. But unfortunately, if you got some symptoms of COVID-19, we will be helping you to be isolated in a healthy environment so that you can fight against it and recover well. The safety of our clients is our greatest concern. And the cost of these things comes under the client. Also, we will not be entertaining our trip to the crowded area and try to cover the least prone reason with lots of safety measures and precautions.

We will have lots of inspiration and joyful journey throughout our trip. We will be offering lots of care and attention to our clients. Each and every curiosity and queries of the client will be explained will greatly respect. Also, we will be creating every possible environment to enjoy and entertain the scenario and mysterious place of Nepal with all the safety measures to avoid pandemics.
Hopefully, this blog turns highly useful to make you known about travel updates and COVID-19. We will be glad to know your response and happy to see you soon on the Himalayas.

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