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12 Mar, 2021 Himalaya Land Treks

Do you want to make your travel route through the foothills of the Himalayas? Want to explore the rigorous beauty of nature? Want to visit Nepal? Are you tired of this long stressing pandemic and are worried about the quarantine stay and closed borders? Stay Clam!  Nepal's government is back with new rules for travelers. This might probably be good news for travelers willing to visit. Let’s have a glance of look at what you need to fulfill before traveling.

Quarantine information/ about quarantine

Still the pandemic hasn’t come to end. Physical distancing is helping to control the virus transfer somehow. But still, the risk is on its peak. Before the government had mentioned not to travel unless it is very urgent or very important. But now the borders and international flights are slowly opening.  People can travel across the country following safety measures. You can make your bag pack with all your required documents and make your journey. Cause trekkers can easily access the trekking route now.  So, cheer up!  What could be better news than this for a traveler?

Covid 19 travel information

If you are not vaccinated also you need to have a PCR report not exceeding more than 72 hours, you need to stay in quarantine for at least 5 days and get your PCR report once again cause you might get infected with the virus during the travel After getting your test report negative you can proceed for traveling to the place of your interest Yeah, make sure to contact with a travel agency to confirm your destination and all other queries before proceeding to Nepal. Make sure that you follow all the safety measures during travel. Your small negligence could create a greater risk. So, make your journey memorable and of course, stay safe. 

Vaccine Information

Two doses of the COVID 19 vaccine are given. Once the first dose is given, the next dose is given at a 28- day interval. After the second dose, one should wait for two weeks because it takes time for the body to build protection after any vaccination. The effectiveness of the vaccine could be observed only after 14 days. One main thing to remember is the vaccine is not 100% efficient. So, one must follow all the safety measures and government rules even after vaccination. Don’t forget to do a PCR test before traveling even after vaccination. Nepal does have access to the Covid 19 vaccine of Astra Zeneca manufactured in India. If you are already, vaccinated then also PCR report is required before you travel. You need to follow every safety measure even after vaccination. So it is requested to all the visitors to try making yourself safe during the journey. 

Travel requirements

You need to carry all your required legal documents before traveling as per the rule of the Department of Foreign Affairs. You can get your travel entry only after all the legal procedures is fulfilled. With all your legal validation, travel safely with a mask and sanitizer through the journey. Keep maintaining physical distancing too.

Book your travel package

We suggest booking your travel package at your destination at least 7 days before your arrival. Calmly choose the journey, analyze it with your interest, get satisfied, book it and relax. We are here to manage the rest of the things. We, at Himalaya Land Treks, contribute to your comfortable and safe journey. We provide you with nice transportation and accommodation facilities with experienced guides and porters. We also manage your trek passes and permits. 

Thus, join us in this grand adventure that takes you through one of the most fascinating river valleys in Nepal and presents you with a chance to enjoy an off-beaten path. The trial lets you cross a high-altitude mountain pass to reach the state of immense happiness along with thousands of other beautiful travel destinations.

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