Why Nepal should be your next travel destination?

17 Jan, 2020 Himalaya Land Treks

Nepal is a small yet beautiful country filled with countless amazing travel destinations. Situated in between the two giants, China and India, this landlocked country is known for its diverse geography, rich cultural diversity, numerous heritage sites, and blessed biodiversity. You should visit Nepal if you are planning on treating yourself with an adventurous holiday or a simple relaxing holiday. 

Here are five reasons why Nepal should be your next destination:

Trekker’s Paradise

Nepal is famous for its mountains. It has eight of the world's ten highest mountains, including the tallest, Everest. If you have heard about Nepal, you have heard about the world's top mountains.

Beneath these glorious mountains, people have cultivated a culture for trekking that has now earned this country the title of "Trekker's Paradise." Trekking allows you to explore the vastly diverse landscapes, local ethnic villages, and witness the fantastic mountains up close. 

Thrilling Adventures

Besides trekking, you can find plenty of adventure activities in Nepal. The land itself is of a complicated structure, with diverse geography and landscapes. 

You can engage in activities such as paragliding, hot air balloon, bungee jumping, white water rafting, mountain biking, zip flyer, rock climbing, etc. If you want a fun-filled adrenaline rushing trip, then you know where to go!

Religious Exploration

Nepal is also a spiritual center for Hindus as well as Buddhists. A significant portion of the tourists flowing in, visit here for pilgrimage. Countless temples, shrines, and stupas are significant and iconic, and many different religions.  

Some of the most famous religious sites are Boudhanath (the heart of Tibetan Buddhism), Pashupatinath (the oldest Shiva temple), and Lumbini (the birthplace of Lord Buddha). This gives traveling Nepal a spiritual meaning to it.

Rich Biodiversity

Another significant feature of Nepal is its rich biodiversity. You can find a vibrant bundle of flora and fauna amidst the dense forests of Nepal. There are 12 national parks, six conservation areas, and one wildlife reserve, including several other Ramsar sites dedicated to protecting the precious biodiversity of Nepal. Tourists can explore these protected areas and enjoy a pleasant time getting close to nature. 

Jungle safaris are also one of the most popular activities. Explore the forests on an elephant back and try to spot some rare species such as the Bengal tiger, One-horned Rhinos. In the mountains, spot the Red pandas, snow leopards, and many more species.

Affordable and worth it

When it comes to affordability, Nepal is a prime destination for low budget travelers. Thus, for students and backpackers, Nepal should be on the list. With being affordable, your trip to Nepal will give you some of the unique experiences you cannot find anywhere else. This makes visiting Nepal worth it.  

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