Peak Climbing

Nepal is widely known as the land of the Himalayas and is blessed with some of the tallest peaks in the world. Likewise, with countless other snow-clad massifs, peak climbing has endless prospects in Nepal. Here, you can find more than 1,310 peaks that are above 6,000 meters. Out of these, 414 are made available for peak climbing by the Government of Nepal. 

With so many peaks available to climb, the difficulty for peak climbing has a wide range in Nepal. This plays as an upper hand for all types of climbers; whether it be beginners or advanced, you will find the type of mountains you prefer. Climbing peaks in Nepal has its adventurous benefits. From exploring the beautiful nature designed with hills, forests, rivers, and lakes to explore rural communities and experiencing their culture and lifestyle, peak climbing is more than just climbing mountains. However, the journey culminates when the trip participants reach the top of the peak and relish the divine panorama of the Himalayas and majestic landscapes. Such peak climbing options are available in a large number all across Nepal.

Starting at the Everest region, Island Peak (6189m) and Mera Peak (6461 m) are two of the most famous peaks. Lobuche Peak (6119m), Pokalde Peak (5806m), and KyajoRi (6186m) are other options in the Everest region. Next, Yala Peak (5500m), Naya Khang (5844m), and Baden Powell Scout Peak (5890m) are the popular ones in the Langtang region. Moving further west towards the Annapurna region, there are even more choices for peak climbing. Mardi Himal (5553m), Narphu Peak (5921m), Chulu East Peak (6429m), Dhampus Peak (6012 m), and Thorung Peak (6144 m) are just a few of the peaks in the Annapurna region. Similarly, many others are waiting to be explored and conquered throughout the country. These journeys take you to the Himalayan region of Nepal where you meet with the mountains and experience the natural joy Nepal has to offer. You will receive the adventure you crave as you challenge yourself through the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas. As other mountaineering adventures in the country, peak climbing is best done during the autumn (September-November) and spring (March-May).  

For those who seek an adventure from peak climbing, Nepal is a destination you should try. A wide variety of peaks with a unique bundle of natural as well as cultural composition makes Nepal the perfect destination for peak climbing.


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