Langtang Region

Langtang region is one of the most scintillating places to visit in Nepal. The Langtang region is also the nearest Himalayan region to the capital city of Kathmandu and boasts a remarkable wealth of natural glamor. Despite its proximity to the capital, it is still untouched by modernization and rests in heavenly tranquility. Bordering Tibet to the north, the Langtang region is easily a gem for all travel lovers.
With landscapes such as mountains, lakes, glaciers, lush green valleys, and forests, the Langtang region is a perfect specimen of Nepali natural beauty. Although Langtang is easily accessible as it is near to the capital, this region has lagged on infrastructural availability. Nonetheless, the rural trails along with sensational views of the landscapes compensate as a great adventure. You can witness this beauty in the confined premises of the Langtang National Park where the phenomenal biodiversity flaunts its unique flora and faunas. Within the Langtang National park, there are numerous species of animals, birds, and plants including a few rare species. The red panda, Musk deer, and the Himalayan Black Bear are some of the wildlife species that thrive in the bamboo, magnolia, and rhododendron forests within the national park.
One of the unique features of this region is that it offers four different trails within the region to travel. The Tamang Heritage trails offer an insight into the lives of the Tamang communities to the western part of this region. Next, the Langtang Valley treks are filled with cultural wonders and Himalayan beauty. The Langtang range accompanies the travelers to the esteemed Kyanjin Gompa. The Gosainkunda treks are famous for pilgrims and trekkers thanks to the thick spread of the beautiful holy Gosainkunda lake system. Finally, the Helambu treks are known for offering a glimpse of the traditional Hyolmo and Sherpa lifestyle along fairly easy trekking trails. 
Some of the most popular treks in this region are Langtang Valley Trek, Langtang Gosainkunda Trek, Bhairav Kunda Trek, Tamang Heritage Trek, Helambu Trek, etc. Also, you can engage in helicopter tours, peak climbing, and mountain expeditions as well. The best time to travel in this region is during spring (February to May) and autumn (September to December). These seasons offer pleasant weather and moderate temperatures which are perfect for travel. Also, with minimum chances of rain, the trails are dry and easier to walk on. 


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