Partnership With Us

The travel and tourism industry of Nepal is extremely vast and competitive. Regardless, we, at Himalaya Land, have reaped great rewards thanks to our adept team and utmost professionalism. we have been working constantly and grinding every day to provide our clients with the best possible services. We work closely with our clients and customers accompanying them to develop unique and most effective travel bundles/packages, as per their requirements and demands.  Our company has always believed in virtuous tourism and growth has always been a mutual aspect.  As such, we contemplate partnership as one of the most crucial and central parts of the growth. Our major goal with partnership is to establish a diverse network in the field of tourism that aims towards increasing the number of customers and promoting different activities performed by our institute.  

What are we looking for?

Regarding the topic of partnership, we would like to state that, our company strongly believes in the concept of sustainable tourism. We have always looked forward to establishing a travel industry that doesn't hamper the environment in any possible way.  Our major focus is to collaborate with companies, organizations, and even individuals that offer different featured activities to all types of tourists and travelers. Talking in a precise manner, we are available for partnership with anyone that offers the following services:
•    Peak climbing and mountaineering expeditions with a proper guide.
•    Jungle Safari adventures. 
•    Leisure tours (especially for families with small children )
•    Hotels/lodges/guest-houses with proper accommodation and food services.
•    Hike trips to the remote destination of the country.
•    Adventure sports like rock climbing, rafting, bungee jumps, paragliding and many more.

What are our strengths?

As mentioned above, we have been working in the field of the tourism industry in Nepal solely for past ___ years. In these years, we have established ourselves as a standout amongst all the competitors. We have always considered customer service as our priority.  
Given below are the few points regarding why you should consider us as a top partnership candidate:
•    We have a team of highly experienced staff members and guides.
•    We have designated destination specialist with full knowledge about a particular region.
•    We have well-tested and affordable travel bundles and packages.
•    We believe in timeliness and providing information only.

Overall, we value, the importance of the travel and tourism industry in our country. So, if you are willing to establish a partnership plan with us and extend our services in the global market connect us via email at [email protected], [email protected].com Or likewise, you may also contact us at +9779851080100. 

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