Why Travel With US?

We are dedicated to offering our customers the best service and support throughout your journey to Nepal. Some of our top graded unique features are:

Blend of Knowledge and Experience

With a team of highly inquisitive minds, our members have gained valuable experience in their respective aspect through meticulous hard work. Our managers are skilled, guides are fully knowledgeable in their field, and our staffs render the warmest customer service. In every way possible, our team tries to gain experience. Team members have gotten professional degrees, specific training, and planning session as per their development needs and requirements. 


With a group of skilled and trained youths ready to prove themselves, our team is the epitome of enthusiasm. We put our hundred percent in every work we do. We take constructive criticism to cater better to our clients. We are always in a learning phase so we always strive to better our services. This allows us to properly identify your expectations and serve accordingly.

Committed on our Ethics 

As a team that thrives on a dynamic functioning, we have internalized a various set of professional and informal ethics. This has helped us better connect with our clients. Moreover, we believe that our clients deserve the best service in a fair and transparent working environment. As such, we have fixed rates and do not charge for hidden fees or cause unnecessary trouble to you. We also account ourselves for your satisfaction and safety on the trips.

Your safety is our top priority

In an utmost display of respect and impeccable show of concern, we have placed our client's safety at the top of our priority list. Traveling is fun your wellbeing and safety of your belongings is always a major issue. We have successfully conducted various trips to date and there have been technically no complaints at all in regards to safety. We put out safety measures in every step of planning and execution of the trip.
Value for Money
Every travel seems more like a hassle than a break if the company you choose turns out to be hassle itself. But not with Himalaya Land Treks & Expedition! Why waste your time with others when we stand to make your trip by far your finest? The budget and time you invest in your trip will not only limit to just payment but part of your incomparable fun and enriched experience. 

Quality with Care

We have devised the most diverse set of top quality packages that will suit your tastes. Our packages include the best deals that will perk up your interests. We have always strived to get modest facilities at modest prices. Even if none of our proposed packages satisfy your unique taste buds, we are happy to provide customized packages that you can tailor according to your need. We will also support the package as per your expectations.

Special Discounts

We are also happy to provide a discount on smart packages. Why should traveling be just expensive and contain no fun? We make the trip count with our smart discounts! Select your choice of package and receive favorable discounts that will lighten up your mood as well as the price for the trips. 

24-Hour Service 

No matter what time of the day, we have 24 hours of customer service to provide you with updated information and also answer all your inquiries as per your need. Our 24/7 inquiry line has been appreciated numerous time by our respected guests who are precious to us. This has allowed us to be in constant touch of the clients and respond to your queries promptly. Moreover, we also offer you advice regarding your travel choices, needs, and destinations.


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