Remote Treks

The remote regions of Nepal call out for travelers to taste their unparalleled natural beauty. Sheltered by the great Himalayas, these remote regions rest amidst diverse landscapes full of lush greenery, the majesty of the rivers and the vibrant cultures of the local settlements. Trekking in the remote regions takes you to the secluded areas of Nepal, where trails are untouched and beauty is in its purest form. Some of the most remote trekking regions in Nepal are Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, and Dolpo. 
The Kanchenjunga region lies in the eastern region of Nepal and is filled with the grandeur of the third highest peak in the world; Mt. Kanchenjunga (8586m). The Kanchenjunga region presents nature in its undisturbed attire for those who love to travel in isolation and are not afraid of off-beaten tracks. The entire region is adorned with colorful forests, alpine trees, winding hills, and the glory of the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area. Here, you can find a bundle of unique flora and fauna where you can also encounter rare species of animals such as snow leopards, red panda. Himalayan black bear etc. Traveling in this region also allows you to meet people of the Rai and Limbu ethnic groups. 
The Manaslu region is yet another region yet to be touched by modernization, isolated in this quiet solitude. The natural beauty along with the stunning views of the Manaslu and Shringi Himalayas will captivate you. A region adorned with captivating natural as well as cultural beauty; the Manaslu region is definitely worth the visit. The off-beaten trails in this region offer surreal intimacy with nature along with the hospitality of Tsum, Nubri, and Tibetan communities. Likewise, the Tsum Valley also offers an interesting change of pace as travelers enter serene lands decorated with Tsum culture. The Larkya La Pass (5160m), Mt. Manaslu (8163m), Pung Gyen Glacier, and Birendra Lake are some of the famous landmarks in this region.  
Dolpo is yet another remote region of Nepal worth visiting which lies in the shadows if the Dhaulagiri ranges. Dolpo lies in the remote northwestern region of Nepal and has a wide range of diverse topography which makes access to this region quite difficult. The Dolpo region comprises of beautiful mountains, gushing rivers, and immense natural beauty in abundance. Phoksundo Lake, Shey Gompa, Kanjirowa Himal, Crystal Mountain, unique arid landscapes, and Bon Po religious practice are few of the attractions in Dolpo region. 
While Kanchenjunga and Manaslu regions are ideal when visited in autumn (September-November) and spring (March-May) seasons, Dolpo can also be visited during the monsoon season (June-August). With off-beat trails and pristine natural beauty, adventures in the remote regions of Nepal offer the true beauty of the country.
Most popular remote treks of Nepal are Manaslu Larke La Pass trekKanchenjunga base camp trek, Upper Mustang trek, Rara lake trekMohare Danda trekShey Phoksundo Lake trek and Nar Phu valley trek.


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