Weather, Altitude sickness, acclimatization, and emergencies in Manaslu Region

In the peak trekking season, the weather in the Manaslu region is stable. It is unstable throughout the winter and summer seasons. The route may become slippery due to rain in the summer and snowfall in the winter. This area is also prone to landslides in the rainy season.

Altitude sickness is a looming threat on this journey. Always be open and honest about your health to your guide and group. If you get it, descend immediately.

Rescue operations are provided in the event of an emergency. The government allows only groups with a professional guide or porter to attempt this trek. This is for the safety of all trekkers.

How difficult is Manaslu Trek?

The Manaslu trek is rated as a moderate to hard trek.

What is the best time for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

The best time for this trek is Late September to mid-December.

How long is Manaslu Circuit Trek?

The Manaslu trek is 18 days. However, if acclimatization is further required, further extension can also be done.

Medical and health facilities

There are no medical and health facilities in the Manaslu Circuit Trek. This is part of the reason why the government only allows trekkers to come here with a licensed guide or porter. They are trained in such emergencies and can help you in an emergency. There are also dedicated companies that provide emergency rescue. Rescue operations are carried out in helicopters. Your travel insurance pays for it. As landlines or satellite phones are present in all settlements, it is easy to call for rescue.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance was not required in the past. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nepalese government has made it mandatory. In Nepal, you may be covered through worldwide suppliers or insurance providers. Medical expenditures, helicopter evacuation, and cancellation due to factors beyond your control, like weather, must all be covered by insurance. In the event of COVID-19, it must also cover your return to your home country.

Is travel insurance needed for Nepal?

Yes, travel insurance is needed for Nepal. It must cover emergency assistance and return to your home country in case of COVID-19.

Do I need travel insurance for a visa?

Yes, you need travel insurance for a visa. This is because of the COVID-19 situation. Otherwise, it was not needed.