Wi-Fi, Mobile Network and Electricity in Langtang Trek

As a trekking center established long ago, Wi-Fi and electricity are present in the Langtang Valley trek at the many teahouses. However, their reliability depends upon the altitude.  

Is there internet at Langtang Valley Trek? 

Wi-Fi is available in many of the tea houses along the trail. However, you will have to pay a certain amount to use it. To use Wi-Fi, you have to pay about USD 2 or USD 3. The reliability of Wi-Fi depends upon the altitude. More reliable Wi-Fi is available at lower altitudes, and they may not charge you for it. The free Wi-Fi service is provided in tea houses with a signboard that says "Free Wi-Fi." Wi-Fi connection may also be slow due to over-connection. You can use Wi-Fi for around 90% of the trek.

A mobile network is available until Kyanjin Gompa. You need a local sim to use a mobile network. They also have the facility of buying data. The two options are Ncell and NTC sim. Of the two, Ncell has better coverage. 1 GB of data costs around 10 USD, which can be used across the country where the network is available.

Is there a phone network in Langtang Valley Trek?

Langtang Valley Trek has network coverage till Kyanjin Gompa. Although services may not be available along the route, the different stops will have a network. However, you need a local sim to use the network. There are two telecom companies with reliable networks in the Langtang region. One is Nepal Telecom (or Namaste), a government-owned telecommunication company. The other one is Ncell which is a private company. Of the two, the reception of Ncell is better. To cover all your bases, purchasing both is a good idea as Ncell costs less than USD 1 and Nepal Telecom costs less than USD 2. The network depends upon the weather condition. When the weather becomes bad, the network is expected to worsen.

In contrast to this, the landline phone is more reliable. Most of the teahouses have a landline. So, in an emergency, a landline can be relied upon.

Electricity along the Langtang Valley Trek

Electricity is available throughout the Langtang Valley Trek. In lower altitudes, settlements are connected to the national grid. However, the area is prone to power cuts sometimes. This problem has been reduced in recent areas. In higher altitudes, settlements are not connected to the national grid. In these areas, solar power is prevalent. Due to this, the power available has a low voltage. It may also not be available on cloudy days. You need to pay about USD 2 – USD 3 per hour to use it. So, to charge bigger batteries may be expensive. A power bank or solar charger can be brought to minimize this problem.