Wi-Fi, Mobile Network and Electricity in Manaslu Region

Wi-Fi, Mobile Network, and electricity are available in the Manaslu region. However, their quality is determined by the altitude, and in some places, mobile networks may not be available.

Is there internet along Manaslu Circuit Trek? 

Many of the teahouses along the path have internet access. You will, however, have to pay a fee to utilize it. You'll have to pay around USD 2 or 3 to access the Wi-Fi. The altitude has an impact on the dependability of Wi-Fi. Lower altitudes have more dependable Wi-Fi, and they do not charge you for it. Due to over-connection, your Wi-Fi connection may be slow.

Mobile network is available in some places and not in others. As you ascend, you will get coverage until Samagaon. There, coverage is limited. There is no coverage after this. You will only regain it at Dharapani, a 1-day trek from Larkya La pass. To utilize the mobile network, you'll need a local sim. In this trek, NTC offers the greater coverage of the two. They also provide the option of purchasing data. 1 GB of data costs roughly USD 10.

Is there a phone network in Manaslu Circuit Trek? 

In the Manaslu Circuit Trek, you will get mobile coverage up to Samagaon. There, coverage is limited. After that, there is no coverage. You will regain it in Dharapani. To utilize the network, you'll need a local sim. The government-owned telecom company Nepal Telecom (or Namaste) is better in the Manaslu region. Nepal Telecom sim costs less than USD 2. However, it is a good idea to buy a Ncell sim too. It is a private company, and its sim costs less than USD 1.

The network is dependent on the weather. When the weather is bad, the network will be bad too. Landline phones, on the other hand, are more dependable. A telephone is available in almost all of the teahouses. Where there is no landline, a satellite phone is available. Due to this, you will not have to worry when you want to contact someone.

Electricity along the Manaslu Circuit Trek 

Throughout the Manaslu Circuit Trek, electricity is available. Settlements at lower altitudes are connected to the national grid. However, power outages are common in the region. In recent years, this issue has been reduced. Settlements at higher elevations are not connected to the national grid. Solar power is widely used in these places. As a result, the available electricity has a low voltage. On cloudy days, it might not be available. They may also use micro-hydro. You'll have to pay USD 2 – USD 3 every hour to utilize it. As a result, charging larger batteries might be costly. So, it is recommended that you bring a power bank or solar charger to charge them.