Wi-Fi, Mobile Network and Electricity in Upper Mustang

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Upper Mustang, located in the northern part of Nepal, is a remote region that offers a unique trekking experience. However, due to its remoteness, there can be variations in Wi-Fi, mobile network, and electricity in the region.

When it comes to internet connection in Upper Mustang, it is highly erratic and unreliable. Wi-Fi is available in tea houses, but it thins out after Jomsom until Muktinath. In Muktinath and Kagbeni, the Wi-Fi facility is slightly better, but it is patchy and charged at USD 1 per hour. However, purchasing a local sim card is a cost-effective solution to access mobile data, although the mobile network can be patchy.

On the other hand, telecommunications have made great strides in Upper Mustang, with Nepal Telecom (NTC) working well in the region. Cellular reception is mostly available along the trails, particularly in Jomsom, Muktinath, and Lo-Manthang, where NTC has just started 4G services. Another telecommunications company, Ncell, is also expanding its reach in Upper Mustang. Villages also have landline connections, and satellite phones are available for communication when cell reception is not available, but they come at a steep cost.

When it comes to electricity, power cuts are common in Upper Mustang. Some areas, like Kagbeni and Lo-Manthang, use solar power, while micro-hydro plants and wind power generation are gaining momentum. Tea houses usually have assigned times for power usage, mostly in the evening, when mobile phones and cameras can be charged at a small cost. Hence, carrying portable solar panels or power banks while trekking in this region is recommended.

In conclusion, while Upper Mustang offers a unique and remote trekking experience, it is important to be prepared for variations in Wi-Fi, mobile network, and electricity. Local sim cards, solar panels, and power banks can be a cost-effective solution to stay connected and charged during the trek.