How can you prepare for Langtang and Gosainkunda Trek ?

26 Aug, 2021 Himalaya Land Treks

Langtang Gosaikunda trek is a wonderful trekking experience to explore nature. This trek includes all the natural ingredients to refresh the trekkers. From vegetation rich forests to ethnicity rich villages, from mountain peaks to freshwater lakes, from adventurous pathways to a diverged group of species, the trek comprises all the necessities to make a journey momentous. Moving through the tremendously beautiful Langtang valley and holy Gosaikunda Lake, the Langtang valley and Gosaikunda lake trek gives you the most adventurous trekking experience ever in your life. Hereby, this blog presents detailed information on the Langtang and Gosaikunda trek along with the itinerary and cost.

Langtang valley
Langtang Valley

Major offerings to trekkers by Langtang and Gosaikunda Lake trek

The trek offers the alpine freshwater lake with huge religious significance. The holy pilgrimage site Gosaikunda Lake lies silent at an altitude of 4380m, surrounded by majestic mountains around. This sacred lake has major significance over Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage with a long-lived history. The trek to Gosaikunda and Langtang valley takes about 17 days overall to complete. Langtang valley is also known as the ‘valley of a glacier’ is decorated with culture, tradition, lush green forests, diverged species of flora and fauna and a lot more under the shadow of Langtang Lirung. Towered with the snow-covered shiny Langtang Mountain, the Langtang region is wrapped up in a lush green Langtang National Park. Cherished with beautiful festive essence, this trek offers a lot of majestically attractive elements of nature.

Gosainkunda lake
Gosainkunda Lake

Trekking Route For Gosaikunda and Langtang Trek

The trekking to this wonderland begins with a 7hr long drive to Syabrubensi (1,467m), after sightseeing to the beautiful Kathmandu city. From Syabrubensi, a trekking trail leads to the small village of Bamboo. The trekking path crosses the Bhote Koshi River and then Langtang Khola. The trek heads towards the Lama Hotel (2,470m) through the village of Ramche, which is situated at the banks of the Langtang Khola. From Lama Hotel the trek heads towards Kyangin Gompa (3,870m) through the Langtang village (3,430m) exploring the marvellous Langtang Mountain. The trek holds for a day here for acclimatization and exploration of Tserko Ri (4,984m). 

After exploring the Langtang valley then returns to Lama Hotel and then back to Thulo Syabru (2,240m). From here you trek to Chandanbari (3,330m) and explore the Sin Gompa. Further, you will hike to the holy pilgrimage site ‘Gosaikunda’ (4,380m) from Laure Binayak. After exploring the vintage of the Gosaikunda lake area the trek returns to Ghopte (3,430), crossing the Laure Binayak pass (4,610) and then to Melamchi village (2,530). From here you trek back to a beautiful village Sermathang (2590m) followed by Melamchi Pul and then finally return to Kathmandu.

How to prepare yourself for the trek? 

So, what are the preparation to de done for trekking to Langtang and Gosaikunda region? Firstly trekkers must prepare themselves for the change in altitude. To conquer this trek one must be capable of the trek in uphill and downhills for 5-6hr every day with a bag pack. For the one who does not have previous trekking experience and has altitude sickness and Asthama, it is recommended no to go for a high altitude trek directly. Before planning for the travel, they must prepare themselves by practising to trek each day with a gradual increase in altitude. This can prepare the trekker to adjust to the growing altitude. Regular jogging will help to adjust oxygen levels in the body. Also about a month before trekking, it is recommended to conduct the physical exercise, stretching along with some aerobics to balance the body to keep yourself physically fit. With proper physical fitness, one can easily conquer the trek without any obstructions.

Route Difficulty

The Langtang Gosainkunda trek is a moderately difficult trek that any physically fit person can access. Langtang and Gosaikunda Lake trek is a to and from the trek that frequently takes trekkers from high and low altitudes. This rise and fall of altitude might be a reason causing difficulty during the trek. Walking through the rocky uphill and downhill path might be challenging. But still, with adequate fitness and prior trekking experience, the route's difficulty level is moderate. Autumn and spring season is regarded to be the best time to conduct the Gosaikunda Langtang trek.

Langtang during snowfall
Snowfall in Langtang

Trekking Distance

The trek from Kathmandu to Langtang valley and the Gosaikunda Lake takes about 17 days to conquer. During the Langtang Gosaikunda trekking, the trail covers a total distance of about 177Km/109 miles. Hence, the overall distance covered during Gosaikunda and Langtang valley trekking is 177Km on average.

Trekking Cost

The 17 days long Langtang Gosainkunda Trek with all inclusion cost about USD 1,340. However, there might be some fluctuation in price according to your accommodation requirements, food and personal expenses. We are always focused on providing the best service and hospitality to the trekkers.

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