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    Published Jul 7th 2020 by Ram Banjara

    Exciting Trekking in Himalaya through Remote Area

    Nature has a way of giving us more than we seek, and by discovering nature, we discover ourselves. From soaring heights to deep valleys and alpine glaciers, there are many remote and stunning places that provide a sense of tranquility. Himalaya Land Trek invites you to explore some of these areas worth visiting.

    Remote regions are sheltered by the great Himalayas, and their beauty is in its purest form. The lush greenery, snow-capped hills, glaciers, and rivers create a pleasant environment that is vibrant with culture. Trekking in these areas takes you to local settlements, where you can stay in beautiful homestays and experience the warm hospitality. 

    Upper Mustang Trek

    Located in the Mustang District, Upper Mustang is a restricted area that was opened for trekking in 1992. Its seclusion has helped maintain the traditional Tibetan way of life, allowing trekkers to witness a living heritage. The journey traverses the mesmerizing Trans-Himalayan region, characterized by majestic snow-capped peaks, rugged cliffs, and deep gorges, creating an otherworldly ambiance.

    Along the Upper Mustang Trek, you will encounter several remarkable locations that enhance the allure of the expedition. The trek commences at Kagbeni, a quaint village nestled at the convergence of the Kali Gandaki and Mustang Khola rivers. Kagbeni serves as the gateway to Upper Mustang, offering a taste of the local culture and a preview of the adventures that lie ahead.

    Rara Lake Trek

    The Rara Lake Trek is a captivating journey that takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of Mugu, a remote region in Nepal. This trek is renowned for its main highlight, Rara Lake, which is one of the largest and most stunning lakes in the country. With its crystal-clear waters, surrounded by lush forests and towering mountains, Rara Lake offers a tranquil and mesmerizing setting.

    The trek begins in the town of Jumla, located in the northwestern part of Nepal. From Jumla, the trail gradually ascends, leading you through picturesque villages, terraced fields, and dense forests. As you make your way towards Rara Lake, several noteworthy locations dot the path, enhancing the overall experience of the trek.

    Nar Phu Valley Trek

    The Nar Phu Valley Trek is a hidden gem that takes you on a remarkable journey through the unexplored Nar and Phu valleys, located in the Annapurna region of Nepal. This off-the-beaten-path trek offers a unique opportunity to witness the pristine beauty of the Himalayas, remote villages, and ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture.

    Starting from the village of Koto, the trail gradually ascends through lush forests, picturesque landscapes, and charming traditional villages. As you make your way towards Nar and Phu valleys, you will encounter several notable locations that add to the allure of the trek.

    The Nar Phu Valley Trek offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural immersion. The breathtaking landscapes, remote villages, and ancient monasteries create an unforgettable experience for trekkers seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure in Nepal.

    Upper Dolpo Trek

    The Upper Dolpo Trek is a remarkable adventure that takes you through the remote and rugged region of Dolpo in Nepal. This trek offers a unique opportunity to explore a culturally rich and geographically diverse area that has retained its traditional Tibetan Buddhist heritage.

    The journey begins with a flight to Jhupal, a small airstrip in the Dolpo region. From there, the trek follows a challenging yet rewarding trail, leading you through stunning landscapes and fascinating villages.

    Along the Upper Dolpo Trek, several notable locations dot the path, each with its own distinct charm. One of the highlights is the Phoksundo Lake, a mesmerizing turquoise gem nestled amidst the Himalayas. This sacred lake holds immense cultural and religious significance for the local people, and its pristine beauty is truly captivating.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek

    The Manaslu Circuit Trek offer a captivating and challenging adventure in the majestic Manaslu region of Nepal. This trek takes you through diverse landscapes, remote villages, and culminates at the iconic Larke-la Pass, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks.

    The highlight of the Manaslu Trek is the crossing of the Larke-la Pass, situated at an altitude of 5,160 meters. This challenging ascent rewards you with awe-inspiring panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, including Manaslu, Himlung Himal, and Annapurna II. The sense of achievement and the jaw-dropping vistas make it a truly unforgettable experience.

    Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

    The Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is a remarkable adventure that takes you to the pristine wilderness of the Kanchenjunga region in Nepal. As the third highest peak in the world, Mount Kanchenjunga (8,586 meters) offers trekkers an opportunity to witness breathtaking landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and the rich cultural heritage of the region.

    The trek starts in the village of Taplejung, located in the eastern part of Nepal. From there, the trail gradually ascends through terraced fields, dense forests, and charming villages. Along the way, you will encounter several notable locations that add to the allure of the trek.

    In conclusion, Nepal's remote region treks offer a gateway to hidden gems that showcase the country's natural beauty, rich culture, and unparalleled adventure. Whether it's exploring the mysteries of Upper Mustang, discovering the pristine Rara Lake, or immersing yourself in the traditions of Dolpo Valley, each trek promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Join Himalaya Land Treks and embark on a journey that will leave you with lifelong

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