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    Published Jul 27th 2020 by Ram Banjara

    Mountains are calling


    By virtue of its location and stupendous height, Everest Base Camp (EBC) has been the dream destination for those who are longing for exploring nature. Located at the foot of Khumbu glacier, EBC is at an altitude of 5600 meters having the most iconic, classy, and impressive views.

    Having said that ‘’ The best view comes after the hardest climb. “, which is indeed true as the icy air, lush green forest, howling winds, bright blue skies, and iconic peaks give justice to the saying . The scenario gives calmness to your mind. You can relax in those camps watching the clouds turning into the astonishing dark which is amazing.

    Cold air, dark night, and bright stars are even more fascinating. Besides this, EBC offers green picturesque beauty due to flora, fauna & landscapes. also, the trekkers can get the palpable experience of biodiversity. Trekkers are always greeted with warm hospitality anticipating their needs. Guiders not only guide you to the final destinations but also will give you the feeling of comfort and you will end up making a family.

    There are the best hotels to stay and our team will make sure that altitude sickness doesn’t hit you. There are lodges on the way which are designed and furnished according to visitor’s expectations. The guide will provide you all the interesting and required information and best security. You will cherish and capture the moment with the best people.

    We proudly assure you that the place isn’t as it seems or as you have expected, that is to say, it offers you much more to discover. Along the trail to the EBC, you will get to enjoy the beautiful settlements of Sherpa people. Most of the local people residing there work as the mountaineers for bread and butter. So you will find the home kind of feeling. They will give you veracious information about the place and also guide you at extreme altitudes.  

    Adding to that, you can see the ‘Landmark of Nepal’ i.e. Kalapatthar ( Black Stone ), located at the southern ridge of Pumori above Gorakshep.  Besides the stunning views from camp, Kalapatthar has its own originality which adds to its popularity. It is considered as one of the highest points of Himalayas. If you are one who finds themselves lost in those beautiful sunsets, then it is the most recommended place to visit as you can see peaks kissed with golden sunlight.

    In light of fact that the government is about to resume almost all the flight services, EBC  is welcoming to the mountains full of joy. Also, the Himalayan regions are still green zoned i.e. the place is free of danger. So there is nothing to worry about as we are asserting that it is safe to trek here in the Himalayas. provided that only a few no. of people are affected by the pandemic in Nepal, it is safe here as the precautions and safety measures are applied to the best possible ways.

    To conclude, visiting EBC is worthwhile. The fascinating views leave mark on your memories and you will feel like what a tiny place you occupy in the world. So if the description has already appealed you, then hurry up and bundle up your bags. The idea of exploring nature never goes wrong. We hope to see your presence on the icy lap of Himalayas.  

                                                                 ‘Make a good time.”

    Ram Banjara

    Mr. Ram Banjara

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