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    Published Jan 30th 2021 by Ram Banjara

    Covid 19 Vaccine in Nepal Opened Door for Tourism


    Life was moving in a flow. Suddenly a virus ruined everything in vein. Cancelled plans, boring quarantines, closed borders made the world a silence zone. Frustration became the most earned assets for people during this long period. But one whole year of intimate hard work and continuous research gave a successful result for the production of the COVID-19 vaccine. Kudos, to all the scientists, research personnel’s and volunteers, for their huge contribution that made it possible within a very short period of time. With the production of vaccines, the risk of COVID has been reduced. Slowly people are returning back to a normal life. The fear in the eyes has started to turn into a smile of happiness.

    This vaccine is claimed to work well. People are also giving good feedback about vaccination. It has already reached to many parts of the world including Nepal. The initial phase of vaccination is currently running here in Nepal. Though only a small quantity of COVID-19 vaccine has been reached here, the Nepal government is working on it and will soon make its availability in adequate amount.

    Along with this, The Government of Nepal has also shown positive signs in opening international flights and borders for travel and tourism. The availability of this vaccine has opened a door for tourism. This will obviously be happy news to start a day. It has given hope to drowned tourism business since one year. Slowly trekking routes are in process of opening. Trekking access will be easy as before. You shouldn’t fear about virus infection. Physical distancing should no more be maintained. A harmonious social relation can be build up and every one of us will soon start to live a normal fearless. Now, we can finally plan for travel, throw out all our frustration on the air of nature and take a fresh deep breath. 

    What would be better than a heart-catching trip; after a long boring isolation? Now you should not stay for quarantine any more. After vaccination, you can make travel anywhere you want with all you legal documentation required. For international travelers, you can easily get your visa for Nepal. To visit Nepal all you need is your legal documents for you to travel and PCR report not more than 72 hours.

     The nation of nature is calling you with warmth. The air of the Himalayas is waiting for travelers to feel it. The rivers are waiting for trekkers to watch them dancing. Here, travelers have more strong relation with nature, that’s why nature itself invites them with elegance. For your kind information, the famous trekking route to beautiful Everest Base Camp Trek, Manasalu Circuit TrekAnnapurna Base Camp Trek are already opened and you can make a trip following safety measures. For more information about trekking in Nepal, without any hesitation, you can contact Himalaya Land treks at any time. We here at Himalaya Land trek follow all the health measures, safety precautions all the rules and regulations as instructed by The Government Of Nepal. As we have been working to make your travel successful for more than a decade, we proudly and sincerely make a commitment to give our best to make your journey successful. We make your travel memorable. So, let us all tie a knot of humanity and spread positivity, and plan for the next trip. 

    Ram Banjara

    Mr. Ram Banjara

    If you're planning a trip to Nepal, you should definitely consider reading the informative blogs written by Mr. Ram Prasad Banjara, the owner of Himalaya Land Treks. As an experienced traveler and local resident, he has a wealth of knowledge to share with tourists looking to explore the beautiful country of Nepal.

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