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    Published Sep 27th 2021 by Ram Banjara

    Nepal Tourism Reopen, On arrival Visa

    "Nepal Reopens for Tourism, On Arrival Visa with No Quarantine for Fully Vaccinated Individuals"

    Let’s start a day with some good news. For a dream to fulfil, for nature to feel, for the wind to hit, and for a traveller to heal, Nepal Government has finally decided to provide on arrival visas to the travellers willing to visit Nepal. And something better than this is, Nepal government has finally dissolved the rule of quarantine stay. So, cheers and let us discuss more on it.

    From September 23, Thursday, the government of Nepal has dissolved the rule of 7 days quarantine stay. This decision has opened the door for travellers to explore tourism in Nepal. Along with this, the government has decided to give on arrival visas to the visitors at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). 

    Criteria to apply for On arrival visa

    But before this, the government has still kept some criteria to be fulfilled by travellers before beginning the journey. One must get fully vaccinated to be eligible for applying for an on arrival visa. For visa procedures, one must be fully vaccinated 14 days before applying for the visa.

    But, if you haven’t got fully vaccinated, then you must stay in quarantine for 10 days. Also, you need a PCR negative report 72 hours before your travel. Either you are fully vaccinated or not, the PCR negative report is a compulsion for a traveller to be eligible to apply for the On arrival visa. 

    Where can you get an on arrival visa in Nepal?

    An on arrival visa for Nepal can be obtained after arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. Also, you can get an on-arrival visa at the border entry points in Kakadvitta, Birgunj, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj, Gaddachowki on the Nepal-India border and Kodari on the Nepal-China border. Nut nowadays the land border entry is not permitted. Otherwise, you can also apply for a visa through the nearest Nepalese embassy.

    How to apply for an arrival visa?

    You can easily take an on arrival visa at Tribhuvan International Airport under the department of immigration.

    To apply for an on-arrival visa go through the following steps:

    1. First, fill in the ' Arrival Card '
    2. Then fill in the Online ‘Tourist Visa ‘form. If you fill it in from the website, you will get a submission Receipt with a barcode. The barcode receipt is important to apply for the visa procedure. It works for fifteen days and becomes invalid then after. 
    3. Make payment at the bank according to your visa requirement. The visa is granted for 15/30/90 days respectively.
    4. Take the receipt
    5. Submit the receipt to immigration along with your documents and all your procedure is complete for visa application.  

    In Nepal, the process of vaccination is going on rapidly. Most of the population has already got vaccinated whereas the process is going on all around the nation. Day by day the cases of covid- 19 are also decreasing. But still, keeping all the safety precautions in context, overall Nepal has become a safe place to travel. So, what are you waiting for? Make a bag pack and explore your dreams. Nature is calling you all with its beauty and elegance. Plan your trek and make it happen. Who knows tomorrow? Before the unknown, tomorrow arrives just explore the alluring nature today. Nepal welcomes everyone with grace and respect.

    Ram Banjara

    Mr. Ram Banjara

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