Glad tidings to all travelers, "Nepal's Flight Services to be recommenced from August 17, 2020”

23 Jul, 2020 Himalaya Land Treks

It's a merry announcement for all of us and international guests desperately marking their time for the resumption of international flights and controlled COVID-19 cases in Nepal.

The press meeting held on Monday (20 July) with the Nepal government and crisis management team finally came to the resolution of unlocking the lockdown as the number of COVID 19 cases is much controlled and declining in number.

Looking at the current situation of Nepal and considering the confirmation of fewer cases of COVID-19 per day due to the effective measures applied and well-followed protocols allocated by WHO and international health affairs. The Nepalese government took the decision of resuming international and domestic flight services. The airline companies are gladly welcoming the decision of the government and eagerly waiting to operate flight services adapting the safety measures and creating a hygienic environment for the comfort of passengers.

We are running off the fourth month of nationwide lockdown and within this period with a high alert, safety measures, and precautions, the Nepalese government is slowly resuming the basic services that are to be facilitated to the people. Keeping the number of COVID-19 cases in consideration, the Nepalese Government took a decision to operate the flight in three phases. In the first phase, flights will be conducted to the targeted destinations that are lesser affected by this pandemic. Secondly and thirdly, the flights will be conducted to other destinations as soon as the number of positive COVID-19 cases is reduced completely. Also, the government will decide about the restriction on the number of passengers and specific safe destinations.

Highlighting the statement made by Dr. Samir Kumar Adhikari, joint spokesperson of the ministry of health and population, the ministry will be soon publishing the new precautions and guidelines handling the arrival of air passengers after August 17. Also, the passengers who are willing to be here on Charter or repatriation flights till August 16, should go to quarantine centers and scheduled commercial flights should show their PCR report to enter Nepal thereafter.

We are ecstatic to share that the domestic and international flights will be operated under the 'Guidance to Airlines, Airports Ground Services ' for operating during COVID-19.

This Autumn when the climate and weather here are cheerful makes it best to do outdoor activities such as Trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. The best time for trekking in Nepal is Autumn not just for its weather and temperature. It is because, after the rainy season, the dust and humidity resolve in and prepares you for a beautiful atmosphere allowing you to feel the sunny and clear sky.

Since both domestic and international flights are getting resumed also,  Autumn season is on its way. Nepal Government, Travel Agencies and we all are heartily inviting you to experience as the guest to explore and feel the beauty of Nepal. The Himalayas and its base camp are missing your presence so badly. Let's meet in the icy lap of Himalayas!



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